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Durio Pantalonificio is a historic trouser workshop established in Monferrato, Italy by Eugenio Durio in the 1960’s. Today his talented daughter Cristina manages the business. Eugenio Durio, born in Alba, chose to remain in Piedmont - a land famous for its food and wine excellence and hardworking people. His life was tragically cut short in a road accident at the peak of his success yet his legacy lives on in the passion, dedication and talent of his daughter.

Cristina grew up in the workshop. She remembers the sewing machines, smell of the iron, fabrics and hundreds of beautiful trouser creations. Over time her father became increasingly aware that she too had a creative instinct and innate passion for fabrics and tailoring. She soon attended the prestigious Institute of Secular Fashion in Milan, where using her father's teachings and built her knowledge and awareness of modern techniques and innovations in design and tailoring. Today, Cristina specialises in producing the most elegant of Italian women’s trousers, attentive to constant changes in style and material. She remains in Monferrato and draws her workforce from the area. Cristina is assisted in her work by her mother, Ms. Lina, a woman of a few words, but of great constancy. In the beginning, Pantalonificio operated only as a producer of designs by other prestigious Italian brands.

But then came the big jump: the creation of a collection of women's trousers designed personally by Cristina Durio and the direct marketing of own-brand products. Today some of the most prestigious shops and outlets stock our private label. Next to the factory, we also operate an outlet for customers to visit us and browse our range personally. In just a few years Durio Pantalonificio has grown exponentially, entrusting the collection to representative studios across Italy. In recent years, in addition to the domestic market, we also sell to foreign markets including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Lithuania and Russia.

We also participate in important international fairs: Firenze Moda Prima, Tokyo, Seoul, something we know would make our Dad Eugenio proud if he were alive today. Durio Pantalonificio specialises in the production of women's trousers, with great care in terms of fit, packaging, style, detail, finish, fabric selection and delivery times. We are a dynamic company and all of our trousers are made in fabrics of excellence in strict respect of the Made in Italy quality philosophy.

"It’s one of the first known and appreciated brands in the world, the brand with know-how that makes it stand out in the eyes of all other countries. Creativity, quality, and Italian life style combine and express themselves primarily in the areas of clothing, furnishing, mechanical automation, and agro-food. " So says "The Sun 24 Hours" on ‘Made in Italy’ design quality. Durio Pantalon works to this brief by focussing with almost maniacal attention to the detail and finishing touch of each and every garment we make. We are designers and producers of fine clothing that remains bound to the ancient principle of Italian tailoring: beautiful and elegant designs in every size, for every age.


The history of clothing made in Italy in the province of Alessandria

Thanks to the hard work, dedication and experience of Cristina Durio, the heir to her father's business and trade, at Durio we make good use of the high level of training earned by Cristina at the prestigious fashion school Istituto Secoli in Milan to make our quality products and designs. We're proud of our heritage and Cristina's designs are now recognised across Italy and in such cities as Monferrato, in the province of Alessandria, where Cristina's products are lovingly manufactured.
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