Trousers for every woman

At Durio Pantalonificio our work involves the production of womens trousers for every occasion. In our collections you can find a mix of classic Italian high-quality, class and style, in which classical shapes work alongside the latest trends that follow the evolution of fashion. Every product we make is the result of knowledge and dedication, guided by professionalism. Our trousers are made using fabrics of excellence, with attention to detail and the strictest respect to the 'made-in-Italy' philosophy of quality.

The history of clothing made in Italy in the province of Alessandria

Thanks to the hard work, dedication and experience of Cristina Durio, the heir to her father's business and trade, at Durio we make good use of the high level of training earned by Cristina at the prestigious fashion school Istituto Secoli in Milan to make our quality products and designs. We're proud of our heritage and Cristina's designs are now recognised across Italy and in such cities as Monferrato, in the province of Alessandria, where Cristina's products are lovingly manufactured.
For today's women, modern and elegant:
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